Training for Start-ups

Starting a business could be daunting, but with the right training and support provided by EMPRETEC Ghana, you can start and grow your business. EMPRETEC Ghana offers start-up training covering:

Entrepreneurship Training for Start-ups

The Entrepreneurship Training for start-ups is targeted at youth and women who want to start their businesses.

Business Awareness/Start Your Own Business

The 3-day training, which follows the Entrepreneurship Training for Start-ups, equips trainees with a “can-do” spirit and provides them with practical skills to start and run their businesses. The training helps them develop bankable business ideas, understand the venture and develop a strategy for growth.

Graduate Enterprise Programme

Graduate unemployment is a major challenge in Ghana and many other developing countries. The Graduate Enterprise Programme aims at providing entrepreneurship training to youth and women graduates from institutions of higher learning to enable them start businesses. The training programme is complemented with mentorship and access to finance.

Customized Training for Start-ups

Empretec Ghana offers customized training for start-ups. Courses for this programme are developed on a need basis for start-ups and rolled out to achieve the desired objectives of the client.