Business Advisory Services for Existing Entrepreneurs

EMPRETEC Ghana’s Business Development Services for existing businesses have been designed on the premises that there is the need to conduct a thorough diagnostic evaluation of the business to determine its true state of health and, on the basis of that, proffer solutions to remedy the health of the business and subsequently, put it on the path of growth.

Business Health Check

EMPRETEC Ghana's business health check service involves a one-on-one interview of the SME owner as well as analysis of specific areas of the business by an experienced EMPRETEC Ghana BDS consultant to identify critical areas of the business that require immediate attention in order to put the business on the path for growth. A business health check support tool has been developed by EMPRETEC Ghana to assist the BDS Expert in undertaking the diagnosis.

Management Support through Mentorship

The Business Development Services provided at this stage is tailored to address the specific needs of the enterprise arising from the Business Health Check. These customized services are available to entrepreneurs who seek to accelerate the growth/expansion of their business through specialized counselling provided to the enterprise on a continuous basis by an experienced Empretec Ghana Expert.

On-Demand Business Development Services

EMPRETEC Ghana also provides on-demand Business Development Services to entrepreneurs during regular business hours. This is designed to provide short advisory services on specific issues as they affect their businesses. The entrepreneur can also access relevant information on the range of services offered by EMPRETEC Ghana and register to participate in any one of them.