Business Advisory Services for Start-ups

With almost three decades active service in the development of MSMEs in Ghana and across Africa, EMPRETEC Ghana has acquired enormous technical skills and experience in the area of nurturing start-up businesses and ensuring their survival

Business Opportunity Review

With the aid of appropriate tools, EMPRETEC Ghana's Business Advisors are able to conduct a thorough evaluation of the start-up entrepreneur's business idea. The review forces clear thinking for a 'go or no-go' decision and, where the idea is found to be sound, culminates in a road map on tasks to perform before actually launching the business.

One-on-One Business Support

To ensure that aspiring entrepreneurs who proceed beyond the business idea evaluation stage and who are actually successful at setting up new businesses, are not left on their own immediately after the businesses have been set up, seasoned business counsellors are assigned to continue to work with start-up on one-on-one basis to ensure that the businesses survive the turbulence that start-up businesses are known to experience, particularly in the first year of their existence. Within the period, the entrepreneurs are eligible to access a wide range of Management Skills Training aimed at assisting them address gaps identified in their managerial skills.