AfDB/IIA Capacity Development of SMEs for Supply Chain Integration in Ghana: November 2015 - December 2020

Sub-contracted by IIA, Empretec Ghana is managing the provision of training and business advisory services that is unleashing the growth potential of 160 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana through entrepreneurial mind-set change of the SMEs owners and key personnel. The EMPRETEC Ghana service mix includes delivery of UNCTAD's Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW), business diagnosis for addressing operational and financial challenges, entrepreneurial and management skills training; systematic advisory, mentorship and business counseling services to the 160 SMEs.

UNDP/Government of the Republic of Namibia: 2019 - 2022

EMPRETEC Ghana will undertake the installation of the EMPRETEC model of Entrepreneurship Development in Namibia. Additionally, EMPRETEC will provide Entrepreneurship and Business Advisory Services to 1,400 MSMEs in Namibia.

IIA/EMPRETEC GHANA/ANGLOGOLD Enterprise Development and Capacity Building Programme (EDCBP): August 2019 to July 2020

The IIA/ANGLOGOLD Enterprise Development and Capacity Building Programme (EDCBP) has sub-contracted EMPRETEC Ghana to provide entrepreneurship and Business Development Services to enable the AngloGold Ashanti Ghana (AGAG) Suppliers/SMEs sustain and grow their businesses.
100 AGAG Suppliers/SMEs shall benefit from the Empretec business development program which will specifically aim at lifting the 100 AGAG Suppliers/SMES onto an accelerated path of enhanced competitiveness for growth and increased profitability using:

  • UNCTAD's world-acclaimed Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW);
  • Diagnostic evaluation approaches involving the day-to day research into operations of the 100 SMEs and design of intervention packages to address their business challenges;
  • Mentorship - attaching expert(s) to 50 Suppliers/SMEs of AGAG to provide support and feedback on how well to transition the Suppliers/SMEs to the desired progression towards achieving profitability and growth targets;
  • A robust SQL database M&E system jointly hosted by IIA/EMPRETEC Ghana to track the performance of all 100 Suppliers/SMEs on agreed KPIs with AGAG.