IIA/EMPRETEC GHANA/ANGLOGOLD Enterprise Development and Capacity Building Programme (EDCBP): August 2019 to July 2020

The IIA/ANGLOGOLD Enterprise Development and Capacity Building Programme (EDCBP) has sub-contracted EMPRETEC Ghana to provide entrepreneurship and Business Development Services to enable the AngloGold Ashanti Ghana (AGAG) Suppliers/SMEs sustain and grow their businesses.
100 AGAG Suppliers/SMEs shall benefit from the Empretec business development program which will specifically aim at lifting the 100 AGAG Suppliers/SMES onto an accelerated path of enhanced competitiveness for growth and increased profitability using:

  • UNCTAD's world-acclaimed Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW);
  • Diagnostic evaluation approaches involving the day-to day research into operations of the 100 SMEs and design of intervention packages to address their business challenges;
  • Mentorship - attaching expert(s) to 50 Suppliers/SMEs of AGAG to provide support and feedback on how well to transition the Suppliers/SMEs to the desired progression towards achieving profitability and growth targets;
  • A robust SQL database M&E system jointly hosted by IIA/EMPRETEC Ghana to track the performance of all 100 Suppliers/SMEs on agreed KPIs with AGAG.